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We have experienced healing through our Bible study, our church services, and our life practice.  We have learned that God’s divine order brings physical well-being along with harmony into our lives.  We encourage visitors to expect healing as well—physical, social, emotional, and spiritual.


Christian Science practitioners dedicate their full time to the healing ministry of Christian Science, and are available to help anyone seeking healing through prayer. You can ask an usher or Reading Room attendant for a listing of practitioners or pick up a Christian Science Journal, which contains a worldwide directory of practitioners. They will be happy to talk with you, and pray with you at your request. Because they are devoting their lives to this healing practice, they do charge for their help; and the charge for this effective prayer treatment is set individually by each practitioner.


Christian Science nurses provide non-medical physical care for people who are relying on prayer for healing.  Some work at Christian Science care facilities, and some make home visits.  You can find a listing of available nurses in The Christian Science Journal.


Class instruction is another step when you are ready to study Christian Science on a deeper level.  With a small group of students, you can study metaphysical healing under an experienced Christian Science practioner/teacher, starting with a 12-day intensive course.  You can learn more about class instruction by contacting a teacher listed in The Christian Science Journal. 

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