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Discover your freedom, your worth, and your spiritual strength through prayer.

You’re warmly invited to listen to a lecture exploring how prayer can have practical and effective results in the lives of ourselves, our community, and our world!

Third Church is sponsoring the talk by Tom McElroy, CSB

About Tom

As a Christian Science practitioner, I pray with people from many different walks of life in order to help them find spiritually-based solutions to issues ranging from health problems to financial and relationship difficulties.

I’ve always loved meeting new people and learning fresh and inspiring ideas. Through my study of Christian Science, I’ve found that a better understanding of God helps me connect with all kinds of people and to appreciate and enjoy the many diverse expressions of divine Life and Love which fill the globe.

It was my interest in different cultures, people, and ideas that led me to study philosophy at university. During my university years, I was also able to participate in a few study-abroad programs which took me to France, Belize, Vietnam, China, and Tibet. I’ve now been to every continent but Antarctica. During these travels I experienced many proofs of God’s ever-present care for His global family. I now devote myself to the full-time public healing ministry of Christian Science. While serving on the Board of Lectureship, I’ve spoken at probation facilities, universities, public schools, churches, and for public service groups — like those serving homeless and at risk youth — as well as in other general public venues. I give lectures in both English and French.

Tom is a Christian Science practitioner and teacher, and a member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship.

Interview with Tom McElroy, CSB

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